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Deirdre Broderick: Music

Make It Happen

(Deirdre Broderick)
I know a girl
Came to the city
Carried a suitcase that was empty
She said “God, I hope to fill it while I’m here”
So she opened that case and she waited
For her fortune to rain down
The rains have yet to come
But her tears are filling it deep enough to drown

I know a girl
Scared to be lonely
Sure no one loves her
She can tell by counting the times her phone doesn’t ring
So she wishes and she wonders
Why her powers went away
And she listens for the echo
Of the words she used to say

® Make it happen
See more than you see
As sure as you are
As sure it will be

I know a girl
Lived in a vision
She rode sunlight on the water
She held distant constellations in her hand
She fell in love with the future
Then the future came to pass
Now she’s afraid tomorrow’s left her and today is going fast

If you dare to look forward to your life


One more winter gone wanting
Watching one more summer appear
One more chance to be grateful
You’re here, you’re here, you’re here, you’re here