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Deirdre Broderick: Music

A Fitting Song

(Deirdre Broderick)
They’re packing their children
They’re packing their dreams
Filling their boxes
Splitting their seams
It’s hard to remember where this collection began
It’s hard to remember when it all fit in their hands

They’re locking the windows
They’re looking away
Nothing can hold them
Nothing can stay
It’s hard to believe the way a moment can fly
It’s hard to believe that it’s time for goodbye

So long freezer
See ya’ floor
Later radiator
Give my regards to the door
Say goodbye to the earring that she told us not to forget
We’d say goodbye to the neighbors
But we
Never met

They’re sitting in silence
They’re humming along
We think of ways to torment them
We sing a fitting song
It’s hard to remember all the things we called our own
It’s hard to forget the place that we
Called home

© 2000 Deirdre Broderick