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Deirdre Broderick: Singer

"Oh, that instrument - pure, smoky, strong, supple, she has [Karen] Carpenter's fluid sound with something much better, richer." - David Finkel, Backstage

Enchanting, evocative, strikingly beautiful . . .

One audience member put it best when he said about Deirdre, "She sings YOUR heart out."

A pop-jazz singer with a lush, velvety sound - Deirdre has the uncanny ability to bring each song to life. Even if it's a well-known song you've heard many times before, audience members often remark, "I never heard the words before. She made me understand the song for the first time."

Intimate, pure and natural, with quiet power . . .

A unique solo artist who accompanies herself on the piano and guitar - her voice is flexible, wide ranging, an impeccable instrument. She approaches music intelligently, humorously, stylishly. She is always smooth, controlled and relaxed. Specializing in sultry ballads, she brings a unique blend of warmth and versatility to each song.

Delicate grace, soulful, and shimmering . . .

Her own songs have been described as being like little three-act plays - dramatic, emotional, timeless. Often they are love songs - sometimes of the unrequited variety. The listener can immediately identify: she knows what you feel - and sings it.

"Music just pours out of her. It's like she knows me - and sings about everything I've ever felt. She makes me feel like she is singing the song of my life..."