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ABCD - The Soundtrack - $15 at CDBABY.COM

The haunting spell of a sitar calling to a melancholy piano... a lonely sax on a bed of romantic strings... the trance of chant and moaning guitars... the hypnotic rhythm of the tablas...This is ABCD... A seductive fusion of eastern and western influences and instruments - blending American pop and classic Indian elements into a magical, mystical aural experience... You can listen to some of the original songs and instrumental tracks from the album on this site on the "Music" page...or click the link below to go to Once you're there, you can preview more music, read more about the album, the movie, check out some reviews, and take home a cd of your very own! buy this CD at CD Baby

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Sid Bernstein Presents...

Sid Bernstein lived a musical mission... Ever since the beginning of his career as a music promoter, booker and manager in the Bronx in the 1940's, Sid Bernstein blurred the boundaries between cultures and communities by simply sharing the sounds he loved with everyone his life touched. From migrating uptown Latin bands downtown, to opening the doors for a British Invasion, ushering radio personalities from the public ear to the public eye, and bringing Beatles to baseball stadiums - Sid's love of music and tireless support for the artists who create it not only enriched cultural history but united a whole world in song. Seventy years later, at the seasoned age of 93, and after having spent his lifetime promoting some of the most legendary singers in the world, my friend Sid told me HE wanted to sing! How could I possibly do anything but help make that happen? "Sid Bernstein Presents..." is a collection of the songs which meant the most to him over the years - now as sung by Sid himself! Every week for months, Sid and I would sit in his living room, high above New York City's Upper East Side, me with a guitar in hand and he with a homemade chocolate egg cream. We were rehearsing. We weren't entirely sure what we were rehearsing for. But there we were, between the laughter and the storytelling, singing. He'd add to his list of favorite songs almost every time we'd meet. "Some Jacques Brel today?" "Some solo Sir Paul?" "Now Deirdre, you simply must sing that ABBA know the one..." Though his list grew longer every week, there were certain songs that Sid always included no matter what. Roy Orbison's "Crying" certainly became an all-time favorite. I'd start the intro on the guitar and Sid would jump right in, eyes gleaming. A few lines into the song, he'd be waving at me; asking me to join in. And usually by the end of the first verse, his smile would be wide and his words trailing off. "Take the chorus, darling..." And I would sing that chorus for Sid. Full out and encouraged by the joy on his face. So now, after all those happy musical afternoons, Sid and I offer you a front row seat on his sofa, to our private concert, high above New York City's Upper East Side. This is our Valentine to you.....XO - Sid & Deirdre For Sid's Book.... Or contact me on the Guestbook for more info on the CD....
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