"Oh, that instrument - pure, smoky, strong, supple, she has [Karen] Carpenter's fluid sound with something much better, richer." - David Finkel, Backstage  

Enchanting, evocative, strikingly beautiful . . .  

One audience member put it best when he said about Deirdre, "She sings YOUR heart out."  

A pop-jazz singer with a lush, velvety sound - Deirdre has the uncanny ability to bring each song to life. Even if it's a well-known song you've heard many times before, audience members often remark, "I never heard the words before. She made me understand the song for the first time."  

Intimate, pure and natural, with quiet power . . .  

A unique solo artist who accompanies herself on the piano and guitar - her voice is flexible, wide ranging, an impeccable instrument. She approaches music intelligently, humorously, stylishly. She is always smooth, controlled and relaxed. Specializing in sultry ballads, she brings a unique blend of warmth and versatility to each song.  

Delicate grace, soulful, and shimmering . . .  

Her own songs have been described as being like little three-act plays - dramatic, emotional, timeless. Often they are love songs - sometimes of the unrequited variety. The listener can immediately identify: she knows what you feel - and sings it.

I was at Deirdre's concert at The Cutting Room on February 12. Deirdre has a beautiful voice, and she was absolutely fantastic on both the piano and the guitar. It was an incredible, rockin' event. Everyone in attendance was SO into the vibe, the performance, the music. We were all rockin' out! It's no wonder the Cutting Room has invited her back for a solo performance. They know a great talent when they hear it!” - Sylvia Clement

— Fitness Express

The way Deirdre sang and played was an absolute joy! Because of the snow storm, changes were made at the last minute, and Deirdre did even more than she had been scheduled to. This all added to the evening's excitment! Deirdre was the glue that held the evening together. How well she did everything! She played wonderful arrangements of Beatles songs, plus her own songs that I really enjoyed. Her voice has a wonderful "earthy" sound in the low range that is really special. I loved it! Her version of "Hey, Jude!" brought everyone together in a wonderful way. It was a happening and I'm SO glad I was there to witness it all!!! I can't wait until the next concert!” - Joan K.

— at The Cutting Room, NYC

Deirdre is warm, sexy, funny as hell, and talented beyond reason. Her seamless musical act makes you feel like you're in her living room, she is so at home on the stage, that when people applaud, she actually looks surprised! Her strong, elastic voice easily unites all the different types of music in her set; some of the most enchanting songs are her own. I couldn't believe how quickly the short hour went by, and was so happy I made the trip.” - Liz P.

— From the Danny's Show

I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!! And I have a new favorite song: THE NINTH! What a wonderful wonderful song!!!!! And you sound fabulous. All the songs on the site are great. Deirdre, you are such an amazing talent. I just love the musicianship which comes through in your lyrics, melodies, harmonic choices and your luscious voice! SUZY SNOWFLAKE is very funny. And the DUELING JULIES is Oh-my-Gawd HYSTERICAL!!! And you sound so terrific on A FITTING SONG. I just love the site. I love your voice. You are such an incredible talent.” - Eric Rockwell - composer/co-author "The Musical of Musicals: The Musical"
Everytime I see her perform she is more soulfull - her voice is bigger, deeper, more sure of what it has to say. Her covers uncover the meaning of songs I've heard all my life but didn't 'get' until hearing Deirdre sing them. My absolute favorites, though, are her own compositions. I get caught up in the story she's telling - I want to know what happens, want to understand. "I know a girl" (Make It Happen) - I could listen to that over and over, I know that girl too. Maybe I even was her for a while....” - -A. Pagliano, Danny's
Is there any musician working today who understands American popular song as well as Deirdre does? Like a literary critic of the heart, she exposes each precious beat to the air, so that those of us whose ears had been stuffed with wax can finally comprehend. The music, without tricks, gimmicks, or flourishes, is stripped of its weighty interpretations, which we've heard for years from artists with stylistic axes to grind. The song, as pure as it's meant to be, takes wing. "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good" is a perfect example. How often have others struggled to free that gorgeous sentiment from the seemingly artless but amazingly difficult intro? But for Deirdre, it's truly effortless; a passing thought, a simple conversation. Her encyclopedic knowledge and impeccable technique never get in the way of her honesty. To my ears, there has never been a more gentle - or a more brutal - version of "Both Sides Now". My guest and I were dabbing our eyes, grateful that the room was dark and caught unawares at the strength of what Deirdre brought forth in us. By the end of the show, the audience would follow her anywhere.” - B. Clark